Specialists In Providing LV, HV and EHV Services

O’Connor Utilities Limited are specialists in providing LV, HV and EHV services, we employ over 250 people from senior management, authorised personnel, design engineers, technicians, jointers, overhead linesman and civil engineering operatives working on a range of framework contract arrangements and capital schemes for most of the UK DNOs plus private renewable energy Clients on solar and wind farms.

Our highly committed workforce undergo continual on going assessment and training to make sure that we update and expand their skill sets ensuring that they are fully trained to current safety regulations; we have a safety record that we are very proud of.

All of our depots have storage facilities that enable us to hold our own or Clients’ vested stocks of specialist materials, ie, jointing accessories, cable and ducting. These facilities assist us to respond quickly to our Clients’ requirements.

We have an extensive range of specialist vehicles that enable us to operate in even the most difficult of situations, including the provision of reactive support and resources for Clients during significant weather events.


Our range of services includes;

  • Design of cable systems up to and including 132kV
  • Working with Fluid Filled Cable systems
  • Construction of Joint bays
  • Deep excavation works
  • Jointing services up to and including 132kV
  • Excavation, Installation, backfill and reinstatement of LV, HV and EHV circuits up to and including 132kV
  • Cable installation to interface with Overhead Line systems up to and including 132kv
  • 11/33kV Overhead Line rebuild works
  • 11/33kV Overhead Line refurbishment and modernisation works
  • ESQCR hazard removal at all voltages
  • Smart meter installation.