Vegetation Management

A proactive management approach to vegetation maintenance

O’Connor Utilities provide high quality vegetation management services to support a number of our utility clients in delivering exceptional service to their customers.

As a result we have gained extensive experience working across all network sectors. In particular we now specialise in the management of trees in the proximity of overhead power lines at all voltages operated by electricity distribution network operators.

We currently work very closely with SP Energy Networks in both England and Wales. Following their significant investment in tree and vegetation management across their business they are now reporting up to 25% less fault activity during poor winter weather.


Our typical services include:

  • Surveying the overhead electricity network to assess the requirement for tree cutting and management works
  • Working closely with clients to enable them to deliver programmes of overhead lines works on time and to budget
  • Proactive reporting of findings to support early network investment decision making by the client
  • Liaising with customers and landowners to gain consent and permission prior to the delivery of tree management works
  • Undertaking all tree cutting and management works to BS 3998; promoting the future health of all affected trees and the reliability and integrity of the overhead electricity network
  • A proactive management approach to ensure safety clearances specified in ENATS 43-8 are maintained
  • Reactive works to preserve safety clearances specified in ENATS 43-8
  • ETR 132 resilience surveys carried out to protect the overhead electricity network from future adverse weather conditions
  • Vegetation management carried out to protect clients assets and to maintain a continuous supply of power to their customers
  • 24 hour support and emergency response; including system emergencies to safeguard the overhead electricity networks.